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Smoke Elser's Fire

As of this fall, 77-year-old outfitter Smoke Elser has spent 8,030 nights in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. Over 53 years of horse packi

Sitting Up With the Dead

Arnell tugged on my shirttail and looked up at me with eyes as big as cucumber slices. He looked sheepish as if he had suddenly come to doub

Lost and Found

An avalanche probe striking a body has a distinct feel. Not solid like a root or jarring like a rock. A body feels “spongy,” says Amanda Sol

The Old Double Diamond

With a stroke of finality, the auction gavel fell. Cowboys, neighbors, and spectators stood silently, stunned. The Double Diamond Ranch, one

Range Riders of the Upper Green

For Bobby Gilbank, 70, the end is near. As his job as a summer range rider for Wyoming’s Upper Green River Cattle Association comes to an en

Love Plays the Piano

SCENE 1: DIAGNOSIS (ALISA lies on a bed in DR. KIRSHON's exam room. JAIME is standing. ALISA has had two sonograms so far, but this is the f

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